Amanda Cosco

Digital Fashion

Amanda Cosco

NFT and Fashion

Amanda Cosco - one part geek and other part chic - is a leading voice at the intersection of fashion and technology. Cosco's work and research on digital culture, wearable technology, smart fashion, and spatial computing has had her recognized as a top woman in wearable technology, fashion technology as well as a key thinker on the future of fashion.

As an innovation consultant and strategist, Amanda works with the most innovative fashion, retail, and consumer product startups to help them on their runway to success, some of which include Fortune 500 brands and startups across various industries.

She is most notably known for ‘Electric Runway,' which is her multimedia project with an ongoing mission to discover and document how digital technology is transforming the $2.4 trillion fashion industry.  The platform explores technological innovation through the lens of fashion and the podcast- which covers topics such as 'The Retail Opportunities for Augmented Reality in Fashion"- was featured in Apple’s “New & Noteworthy” section on iTunes and has since been recognized by Elle Magazine as a top fashion podcast globally.

In her decade long career, she has keynoted several international delegations on the future of fashion in the US, Berlin, Moscow and Manila. Her current research currently focuses on digital fashion and the impact of augmented reality on shopping. Amanda regularly provides commentary on radio and TV programmes as a tech and digital cultural expert.

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